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Laser Marking Polycarbonate

Industry: Commercial

Material: Polycarbonate

Mark Data Type: Text

Laser Mark Type: Dark look etching with 20 watt fiber laser

laser marking polycarbonate

The Langolier fiber laser marking system is an advanced industrial direct part marking tool The Langolier fiber laser marker uses the latest solid state Ytterbium fiber laser systems (Infrared1060-1080nm) possessing a powerful and efficient combination of flexible fiber delivery, high peak power, excellent beam quality, and the best wall-plug efficiency available.

Designed to be a stand alone laser marking station, the Langolier Optical Head is mounted on a manual Z Axis workstation. The Workstation has 21" of Z axis travel to allow a variety of lens sizes and marking fields to be selected without compromising it's ability to accommodate tall parts. The laser and work area are entirely enclosed by the Langolier Light Tight Safety Enclosure. The Light Tight Enclosure has a large, safety interlocked sliding door which opens to provide full access to the interior. All Langolier Fiber Laser Marking Systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package.

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