Fume Extractor Laser MarkingIntroducing the new Jimani Langolier line of fume extractors.  We heard you and added a line of fume extractors for laser marking that are designed to easily integrate with all of the Langolier fiber and CO2 laser marking systems

Fume extractors are critical to the safe operation of laser marking systems in most manufacturing environments.  Laser marking many materials generates particles that should not be allowed to circulate in the production environment.  The Langolier line of fume extractors is specifically designed to remove airborne particles during the marking/cutting process thereby protecting your operators.

Whether you are marking metals, metal with a coating or paint layer, plastics, rubber, or organic materials we can help you specify the right Langolier fume extractor for laser marking operations.

The Langolier fume extractors are designed with advanced electronics that deliver fully adjustable speed control as the filter saturation increases. These systems deliver an advanced warning (visual and sound) when filter saturation reaches 75%. Cleaning or filter replacement cycles can be precisely timed and the electronics display notifications of any malfunctions. For intermittent marking operations, the On/Off cycle of the fume extractor can be controlled by the on board Langolier I/O signals to prolong filter life by only turning on the motor when actual marking is occurring. Self-cleaning units are available for demanding applications that have long duty cycles and generate large amounts of fumes or particles.

Two complimentary filter materials are used for the adsorption of gaseous substances. The activated carbon facilitates the physical adsorption process while the BAC granules facilitate a chemical adsorption process. Neutralization of specific gaseous substances is achieved through chemical binding with the reaction substance that is deposited on the carrier material. Because the physical and chemical adsorption processes are complementary, an extremely wide range of gases and odors can be collected.

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