Laser Engraving and Cutting Services: Our Job Shop

In addition to laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting, Jimani's laser job shop offers complete end to end services in the form of oxidizing on appropriate materials and final packaging of product in presentation boxes.

We are your turnkey laser marking service supplier – we handle the entire job shop services transaction so you can focus on doing what you do best, build and sell great products.

We understand that you want convenience, service, and a good price. 

We understand the intricate relationship between Suppliers, Distributors and End Users. We know who we work for and we’re sensitive to the need for discretion and confidentiality with our customers.

One of our key capabilities is rotary engraving work that requires tiling. Using the tiling features in Prolase and our accurate, high speed servo rotary drives, we do a great job of wrapping logos and large marks around a cylinder.  

Fast turnaround with guaranteed ship dates assure that your product will leave Jimani's laser job shop on-time.


If we miss your quoted ship date from Jimani's laser job shop your marking charges are waived. Learn about our guarantee.

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Examples of some of our Recent Laser Marking, Laser Engraving, and Laser Cutting Services