Fiber Laser Systems: The Langolier

Jimani strives to build lasers with only the best internal components. The results show up in lasers that require no maintenance and run reliably. Our goal is that you will never have to spend another dime on laser system service once you commission a Langolier. All components we integrate are user replaceable in the unlikely case that one of the components fails. We do not want you to be reliant on outside laser service to keep your systems operational.

These wall powered, air cooled, zero maintenance Fiber Laser Marking Systems have revolutionized the direct parts marking industry and our systems have been created to accommodate a broad range of materials and applications.

The Langolier is a cost effective, highly reliable, zero maintenance, energy efficient, turnkey laser marking system integrated with industry leading components and safety features and is appropriate for a broad range of materials and applications. 

  • Laser Engrave or Laser Etch all Metals, Many plastics and Non-Metals
  • Laser Mark Bar Codes, 2D Matrix
  • True Type Font Support
  • Radial Text, Serialization
  • EPS, PLT, DXF and Most Vector Files
  • Automation Friendly

Since the introduction of the fiber laser they have become the clear industry standard for marking applications by delivering lower capital costs, lower operating costs, and superior marking performance.

The Langolier fiber laser marker is truly a portable system that can be brought to the work rather than always having to have the work brought to the marker.

Video: Anodized aluminum part being marked on a rotary indexer – a typical job shop marking application.

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