Jimani is proud to introduce a new version of our Low Cost Fiber Laser Marking System.

The workstation is fully enclosed and provides a generous internal working area with a large opening, interlocked front door. The large interior has sufficient room for large parts mounted on X-Y tables and/or rotary indexers as shown in the system in the photograph. The Z axis for focus adjustment has 21 inches of Z axis travel and can be built with either manual or motorized focus adjustment. The side doors swing open easily for setups or to accommodate oversized parts.

Standard laser sizes are either 30 or 60 watt JPT MOPA Fiber Lasers. Standard focusing lenses provide either a 5 inch or 8 inch square marking field and the system can be optionally configured with Jimani’s proprietary reversable beam expander (https://www.jimani-inc.com/blog/beam-expander-for-laser-marking-system).

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Entry level, low cost, easy to get running, low maintenance fiber laser marking system

low-cost-fiber-laser-marking-system.jpg The system is FOB Oxnard, CA and is ready to mark parts as soon as it is taken out of the box. The Hybrid system includes the computer, RTC control board and Leopardmark software.

The Hybrid system has a one year warranty, but the laser, scanhead and RTC board all have a 2 year warranty. One day of training at Jimani is included at no charge.

The Jimani Hybrid System includes the following laser components:

  • Laser- JPT MOPA type laser. The standard laser is a JPT Model YDFLP in either a 30 or 60 watt configuration. Higher power models available upon request
  • Scanhead- Galvo Tech Scan Box 10 with standard XY2-100 interface
  • Focusing Lens- Opex 163 mm EFL or 254 mm EFL F-Theta lens. Other marking field size lenses available upon request
  • Control Board - RTC 4
  • Software- Leopardmark Laser Marking Software. Prolase Laser Marking Software available for an additional charge
  • Computer- Win 10 Pro 64 bit, 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB ram installed

hybrid-low-cost-fiber-laserStandard Options Available:

The laser module, scanhead, lens and workstation are purchased from Focus Laser in Guangzhou, China and shipped to Jimani. Once those components arrive at Jimani, they are assembled and the computer, software and control electronics are added. The completed system is then tested, calibrated and given a 24 hour burn-in. The equipment is FOB Oxnard, CA and is shipped to its final destination completely assembled and tested.

Jim Earman of Jimani has personally visited and interacted with all of Jimani’s Chinese suppliers including Focus laser, JPT and Galvo Tech and we are very confident in the quality of components in the Hybrid laser system.

Read our recent article describing the idea behind this system

And this article about the first two systems we installed.

See below for the enclosure for the Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking System:


Check out this video showing a stainless steel bottle that was marked using the hybrid laser marker.



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