Using Lasers, Building Lasers

Jimani was founded in 1990 and has grown to be one of California's largest laser job shops by providing laser marking services and laser engraving services for customer supplied parts. Jimani uses marking lasers and builds lasers - our commitment to quality, service and on time delivery defines our mission statement.  Jimani is your turnkey laser marking outsourcing partner!

For customers who choose to bring laser marking equipment in-house, Jimani serves as your laser marking systems and laser engraving machine integrator. By combining best of breed products in our industry, Jimani provides our clients a seamless transition from using our laser job shop services to bringing the laser marking process in-house.


Jimani is ready to answer your questions like:

What is laser marking, is it suitable for my products?

What makes fiber lasers different from YAG?

What is the cost to job shop laser mark my parts?


At Jimani, we know how to solve marking problems because we use lasers for our job shop and build marking and engraving lasers for our systems customers. Our experience marking parts for our job shop informs our expertise when it comes to building laser systems. We mark parts every day in our laser job shop and understand the issues laser systems users encounter in their operations.

We welcome the opportunity to look at your marking applications and help you find the right solution. If our processes are not the right ones to solve your problem we will tell you and suggest a more appropriate solution. Our laser marking systems and laser engraving machines use the most appropriate lasers, including Fiber, Nd:YAG, both lamp and diode pumped and CO2 lasers to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications.

We understand that the laser mark represents your product to your customer. It has to be right, look good and be on time.