FAQ - Answers to your Fiber Laser Marking Questions

What Is Laser Marking and How to Choose the Best Laser

In this post we will try to shed some light on the question “What is the best type of laser to use?” Read more

What Is Laser Marking?

Generally speaking, laser marking is performed using one of two laser types and one of two types of laser positioning techniques. We will explore these as we consider the question: 'What is laser marking?' Read more

What determines the price of a steered beam laser marking system?

The basic components of a steered beam, fiber laser marking system consist of the following: Read more

What makes fiber lasers different from YAG lasers?

Both fiber lasers and YAG lasers produce laser light at a wavelength of approximately 1.06 microns (1064 nm)... Read more

Is there really no laser maintenance with fiber systems?

There are no user serviceable parts and there is absolutely no laser maintenance or consumables associated with fiber lasers. They are much smaller than YAG lasers and enjoy an extremely long lifetime without power degradation. Read more

What is the cost to job shop laser mark my parts?

Laser marking job shops get their business from clients that either don't have sufficient parts volume to justify owning a system or simply don't want to own the technology... Read more

What is the cost of a laser system?

There is no such thing as a cheap, low end laser marker unless the components themselves are cheap and low end... Read more

What is laser marking and is it suitable for my products?

Laser marking is like burning leaves with a magnifying glass... Read more

Why Jimani Uses Prolase Laser Marking Software

There are three or four good laser marking software packages on the market. They are all pretty versatile and complete. Each one has a few unique useful features but, when all is said and done, they all let you mark parts with your laser. After all, there are only so many ways to move a laser beam around and turn on the laser. So just what makes one laser marking software package different and...Read more