In 2007 Jimani met Metalcraft at a trade show where we were both exhibiting and they mentioned that they were in the market for an additional laser.  Metalcraft has been using lasers since the early 1990s to produce high quality identification nameplates for harsh environments. These ID plates are made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, as well these materials anodized, painted, or galvanized. Jimani was asked to participate in a competitive bidding process with a number of other laser marking system suppliers. The purchase order was awarded to Jimani based on the quality and cycle time of our samples and fair pricing of the Langolier line of laser marking equipment

About six months after the successful installation and implementation of their first Langolier,  Mason City, IA and the Metalcraft plant suffered catastrophic flooding and the ground level floor with the lasers was inundated. The only laser they could salvage was the Jimani Langolier because it was small and compact enough to move to a second floor above the water level. Their other larger, immobile YAS and diode pump laser systems were destroyed. Metalcraft called and asked how quickly Jimani could ship them an additional 20 watt Langolier fiber laser marking system.

Jimani stocks standard laser components as a best practice to insure the ability to service customers in just such a circumstance and had a new system on a truck to Metalcraft within two days. Metalcraft hs since purchased four additional Jimani Langolier fiber laser systems.

“In 2007 we purchased our first Langolier. Now we are up to six installations powered exclusively by Langolier Fiber Lasers. Jim Earman and his staff have worked hard to develop the right system for each application. Jimani has been a great partner in the success of Metalcraft's Laser Engraved products!” states Jim Miller VP Engineering.

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