oem-configuration-low-cost-hybrid-fiber-laser-marking-systemThe OEM configuration of the Low Cost Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking Systems is a complete fiber laser marking system but the components are not mounted in or attached to any type of workstation.

The laser module, power supply, and associated wiring are contained in a standard 3U high, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis. The optical unit contains the fiber laser Isolator/collimator (the laser beam output device), a reversible beam expander, the scanhead (contains X and Y galvos), and the focusing lens.  

The optical unit baseplate can be mounted to any flat surface. The computer with the marking software and RTC control board are mounted in a standard 3U high, 19-inch rack mountable chassis. When connected and mounted into some type of frame or workstation, these components make up a fully functional fiber laser marking system.

The OEM configuration includes the following components:

  • Laser Source- JPT Variable Pulse Width MOPA type laser. The standard laser is a JPT Model M7 in either a 30, 60, 80 or 100 watt configuration.
  • 1.5X Reversable Beam Expander  ( read more here )
  • Scanhead- Galvo Tech Scan Box 14 with standard XY2-100 interface
  • Focusing Lens- Opex F-Theta lens. Marking Field Sizes from 4.7 to 12 inches square
  • Control Board- RTC 4
  • Software- Leopardmark Laser Marking Software. Prolase Laser Marking Software is available for an additional charge. Both software packages are American Made and Jimani provides unlimited, no-charge operational support.
  • Computer- 19: Rack Mountable Chassis, Win 10 Pro 64 bit, 1 TB Solid State Drive, 8 GB ram installed
  • Footswitch for hands-free laser operation
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Free Training and System Acceptance at Jimani Facility
  • Application and Hardware support from Jimani
  • Shipping is FOB Oxnard, CA.
  • Power Requirements: 115VAC 15 Amp Service

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