EMPLOYEE-resized-600Jimani was founded in 1989 by Jim Earman. Jim has a long history in the field of laser marking beginning in the mid 1970s when laser marking systems were first introduced to the world. Having achieved success in a previous laser marking company, Laser Identification Systems, Jim founded Jimani a few years after selling his interest in that company to Lumonics, a Canadian based laser company.

Originally intended to be a laser marking job shop and laser marking manufacturers rep sales company, Jimani gradually began to build and market their own brand of laser marking systems. Jimani has now grown to be one of California’s largest laser job shops by providing laser marking services, laser engraving services, and laser cutting services for customer supplied parts. Jimani uses marking lasers and builds and sells laser marking systems – our commitment to quality, service and on time delivery defines our mission statement. Jimani is your turnkey laser marking outsourcing partner!


Jim Earman began his career in the laser business in 1972 at Korad Lasers in Santa Monica, CA, and was managing both the systems test and field service departments before he left in 1977. In 1979, Jim was a co-founder of Laser Identification Systems (LIS), the company that pioneered laser marking systems for the semiconductor industry. After the acquisition of LIS by Lumonics, Jim held the position of general manager until his departure in 1987. Jim founded Jimani in 1989. Jimani is a laser marking job shop and fiber laser systems integrator in Oxnard, CA.

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