Motorized X Axis for Laser Marking Systems

A motorized X axis table, when used with Prolase 10 Plus software, can considerably extend the size of the marking field and also allow for “tiling” when marking objects, such as logos, that are larger than the marking field of the lens.

The standard Langolier Motorized X Axis Table has 15 inches of ball screw driven travel. The ball screw is connected to a Teknic rotary encoded servo motor and the X axis drive resolution is 40,600 encoder counts per inch of linear travel. The total available X axis marking length would be the width of the marking field plus 15 inches. For example, the marking area with a 7 inch square marking field would be 7 inches in the Y axis and 22 inches in the X axis.


The video below shows the kind of laser marking application that a motorized X axis drive and Prolase Plus are built for.

This video shows Sherline's Laser Engaving Slide Maintenance


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