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Laser Marking Denim With a CO2 Laser

This was done at very low power with our 50 Watt Langolier CO2 laser marker. We used a 12 inch field lens which gives us a relatively large spot size.

laser marking denim

Laser marking denim with a CO2 laser seems to offer some interesting benefits over other methods including bleaching and stone-washing:

  • Fast marking speeds
  • Precise image marking and control
  • Very little damage or weakening of material
  • Reproducible
  • Clear crisp marks
  • Ability to print a gray scale image
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customizable - could print one off images efficiently
The Langoiler CO2 marker is an ideal machine to identify a product or create a permanent traceablity mark on many materials.  This compact unit is ideal for harsh environments and manufacturing facilities.    The ongoing costs to operate and maintain the Langolier CO2 are very low since there are no consumables and the laser has a long service life.
The Langolier CO2 laser marker is compatible with the standard Jimani work stations as well as available for custom integration both into you production environment and into a custom enclosure.
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