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Affordable Laser Marking Systems

Not all laser marking applications require a fully featured, top-of-the-line laser system. In fact, for many applications, an affordable laser marking system that meets the minimum marking standards is all that is needed. Which is why Jimani offers an affordable laser marking system, the Jimani Hybrid System.

low-cost-hybrid-fiber-laser-1About the Jimani Hybrid System

The current list price for this Hybrid fiber laser marking system is $12,500 for the 20-watt laser with a 4.5-inch square marking field. The system is FOB Oxnard, CA and is ready to mark parts as soon as it is taken out of the box. That price is likely to increase after the current system inventory at Jimani is depleted. New lasers and laser related components being imported from China are now subect to an additional 25% import tariff. That increase only applies to the portions of the system that are imported from China, not the entire system. The Hybrid system includes the computer, RTC control board and Leopardmark software.

The Hybrid system has a one-year warranty, but the laser, scanhead and RTC board all have a 2-year warranty. One day of training at Jimani is included at no charge.

The following components are included with the Jimani Hybrid System:

  • Laser- JPT MOPA type laser. The standard laser is a JPT Model YDFLP in either a 20,  30 or 60 watt configuration. Higher power models available upon request
  • Scanhead- Galvo Tech Scan Box 10 with standard XY2-100 interface
  • Focusing Lens- Opex 163 mm EFL or 254 mm EFL F-Theta lens. Other marking field size lenses available upon request
  • Control Board- Scanlab RTC 4
  • Software- Leopardmark Laser Marking Software. Prolase Laser Marking Software available for an additional charge
  • Computer- Win 7 Pro 64 bit, 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB ram installed

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