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Jimani Hybrid Laser -  A New Low Cost Laser Marking System

Sometimes an article just writes itself. Below is a verbatim reproduction of a message we received from a customer of the Jimani Hybrid Fiber Laser.

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hybrid fiber laser"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we knocked out 300 guns this week using the engraver.

It was as simple and convenient as I had hoped. I have a pretty large office, so I was able to engrave in my office.

We had an assembly line set-up and it worked great. There were a lot steps required to complete each individual rifle package.

The rifles came in a zippered carrying case. We had to open up case, pull out rifle, check serial number, engrave “static text” on barrel, pack 2 additional magazines, zipper up again, place in box, seal, pack in master carton. And never once were we waiting on the engraver! I created a wooden jig to work with the “x/y axis adjuster thing” you supplied us. Worked like a champ. I would drop the barrel in the slot and engrave. We were smoking it, 40 guns an hour.

Our next order is coming in late November or early December. I expect this engraver to knock it out of the park again.

Jim, you got a winner here! This engraver clicks all the check marks and fits the bill for this niche market I fall in.  It is truly a desktop engraver. Maybe a bit of hyperbole, but I believe this engraver will do to the engraving industry, what desktop computers did for the computer industry.

If you need a salesman (from customer’s point of view) send them my way."

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