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How to Laser Engrave Chrome

How to Laser Engrave Chrome

Chrome is often used as the material of choice for awards and trophies, which is why it is so very often marked. One of the techniques for marking chrome is engraving.

Why Laser Engrave Chrome?

One of the biggest advantages of laser engraving chrome is that the marks that can be produced by engraving are crisp, clear, and long-lasting. Engraving, in general, creates a deeper mark than other marking methods which means that the resulting mark will be long-lasting and durable even in harsh environments.

However, engraving is often used to mark chrome not because of the life span of the mark but because of the look. The look of an engraved mark on chrome is, as we said above, crisp, clear, and visually interesting. Chrome is often engraved for aesthetic purposes and engraving is often the best way to achieve a visually interesting mark.

How to Laser Engrave Chrome

We recommend laser engraving chrome with a fiber laser system.


A Jimani Low Cost Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking System for instance, is a complete system that offers users a flexible, direct part marking tool. This system can be used to mark large surface areas, tall pieces, parts fixtures, or accommodate long focal length lenses for maximum versatility. In fact, the workstation's Z Axis adjustment can position the focusing lens as high as 29 inches above the part marking surface.

Both the Win 10 or Win 11 computer and the Fiber Laser Controller Chassis are contained in the workstation frame making the unit completely self-contained with the exception of a single 115 VAC household outlet. The system is mounted on casters and if need be, can be moved from one area of the factory to another without being "tethered" by water or high voltage connections.

All Low Cost Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking Systems are supplied with either Prolase, a user-friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package, or Leopardmark, a software package based on earlier versions of Prolase 7. Prolase sotware supports both variable pulse width fiber lasers and high speed rotarytiling which allows for 360-degree rotary tiling on round parts such as thermal drink tumblers.

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