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Jimani is 30 years old this month

This month marks the 30 year anniversary of Jimani Inc. Jimani actually started in late 1989 as Jimani Associates but incorporated in January of 1990 as Jimani Inc.

In 1990 Jimani was a one-person shop in Ventura, California. I was the one person. My name is Jim Earman and I started Jimani. Since then Jimani has become well established in the laser marking and engraving job shop business as well as the laser marking systems business.

Jim 1

Jimani in 2002 with a lineup of YAG lasers and a huge monthly electric bill

Jimani was one of the first companies in the country to use, build and sell fiber laser marking systems. In our 30 years in business we’ve seen the laser marking industry change. The introduction of Fiber Lasers has had a lot to do with those changes. We’ve watched a number of well-established laser companies either change direction or go out of business and we’ve also seen dozens of laser marking job shops and  laser marker integration companies emerge. I’ll credit fiber lasers for much of that because fiber lasers have lowered the cost and reduced the complexities of using and maintaining laser marking systems. Fiber Lasers have also contributed to the demise of several YAG laser companies.

The goals at Jimani have never been unlimited growth or to capture every single sale, whether or not that sale was a good fit for us or what we sell. Instead the goals have been to be proud of what we do and sell, support the hell out of it and just make more money than we spend. I’m satisfied that we’ve accomplished that.

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