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Laser Marking Aluminum

Why Laser Mark Aluminum?

There are a huge number of applications that call for laser marking aluminum. Aluminum parts come in all shapes and sizes and are used in a wide range of industries. From aerospace to automotive to consumer goods, aluminum parts serve many needs and are marked for a variety of reasons.

aluminum-laser-marking-ice-ax-resized-600.jpgLaser marking is a popular marking solution for aluminum because it allows users a great degree of flexibility in what can be marked, the type of mark that can be made, and the types of aluminum that can be marked. Common laser marking methods include engraving, deep engraving, ablation, and surface staining. Which of these methods is best will often depend on the type of mark you wish to make and the type of aluminum you will be marking.

How to Laser Mark Aluminum

We recommend using a fiber laser system for laser marking aluminum because it gives the user a great degree of flexibility in the type of mark that can be made and the material that can be marked.

laser-mark-anodized-aluminum-resized-600.jpgThe Langolier fiber laser marking system is a cost-effective, highly reliable, zero maintenance, energy efficient, turnkey laser marking system integrated with industry-leading components and safety features. This marking system is appropriate for a broad range of materials and applications, again giving users as much flexibility as possible. 

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are also supplied with Prolase, a user-friendly, proven, robust laser marking software package. This software makes it very easy to use for importing and manipulating graphics files for brands, logos, and schematic files.

Learn More

marking-on-aluminum-4.jpgIf you’d like to learn more about laser marking aluminum, I’d recommended downloading Laser Marking Aluminum: Common Applications and Marking Specifications. This download addresses some of the most important aluminum marking topics like:

  • Common applications that involve laser marking aluminum
  • Types of laser marks that can be made on aluminum
  • Typical equipment used to laser mark aluminum

Download your free copy of Laser Marking Aluminum: Common Applications and Marking Specifications here or follow the link below!

Download the Laser Marking Aluminum Whitepaper

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