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Marking Thick Plating with Fiber Lasers vs. YAG Lasers

A couple of years ago, Jimani sold a 50 watt laser to Laser Industries, a job shop competitor in the Orange County, CA area.

custom-fiber-laser-marking-system-1.jpgThe laser module has a very lengthy lead time and was purchased for a particular job that Laser Industries is running for their biggest marking customer.  The job shop customer was threatening to cancel the order or second source it because Laser Industries could not meet their customer’s production requirements with their existing YAG laser marker.

It was taking Laser Industries over 5 minutes to mark each part and the YAG could not mark through some of the thicker plating with the result that 25% of the parts were being treated as “scrap”. Laser Industries was getting 150 parts/day maximum running two shifts. 

Since this was an urgent issue for Laser Industries, Jimani quickly built a laser marking job on a 20 watt Langolier and allowed the job to be run at their facility We were able to reduce their marking time to 42 seconds and we could mark through even his thickest plating.

Jimani allowed Laser Industries to take the Langolier fiber system with the 20 watt laser back to their shop that Sunday evening with the agreement that when his 50 watt arrived we would come out and swap the lasers.

Read the letter the owner of Laser Industries sent to Jimani.

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