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A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit a laser cutting services shop and get a demonstration of an IPG Laser Cube Fiber Laser cutting system (https://lasersystems.ipgphotonics.com/products/lasercube/LaserCube)

Jimani laser cutting examplesThe Cube caught my attention and I became interested for two reasons:

  • A limited amount of free space had opened up at Jimani and the physical size of the Laser Cube seemed to be a good fit for that space
  • A laser cutter would be a useful tool for Jimani’s own needs and could add another dimension to Jimani’s job shop capabilities.

We purchased and installed an IPG Laser Cube system with a 3KW fiber laser module. The Cube has a 4 foot X 4 foot cutting bed and is suitable for all metals up to ¼ inch thick. Aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, brass, and copper all cut well with the 1064 nm wavelength of a fiberlaser.

Most laser cutting systems use CO2 lasers and have difficulties with brass and copper but the FiberLaser works well with those materials. It is capable of making cuts with a very narrow kerf width because the focused spot size of the laser beam is only 100 microns.

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