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Marking a Long Part Using a Fiber Laser

Industry: Consumer Goods

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Mark Data Type: Graphics, text

Laser Mark Type: Surface engrave, white look

This particular part was part of a spear pole intended for use by scuba divers. The graduations are for measuring the length of the fish that they spear. California Fish and Game has minimum sizes for certain types of fish and the divers want to measure the fish before they take it out of the water to be sure that it is a legal size. Seems strange because they have to spear the fish in order to measure it and, if it is undersized, too bad, it’s already dead.

We used a 50 watt Langolier for this application though we could have easily used a 20 watt Langolier fiber laser marking system.  We used an X axis table to extend the size of the mark. When using Prolase software, the only limitation on the length of the marking is the table travel.

The large graphic is broken into tiles in order to fit into the marking field and tiles are then 'stitched' back together when marked on the part.

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