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Rotary Laser Marking Water Bottles

Rotary Laser Marking Water Bottles

Industry: Consumer Goods

Material: Painted steel

Mark Data Type: Graphics, logo

Laser Mark Type: Dark engraving

At Jimani, we understand the importance of precise and permanent marking for various applications. One of our standout solutions is our Fiber Laser Marking System, perfectly suited for marking water bottles with clarity and durability.

Key Features for Water Bottle Marking

  • High-Precision Marking: The 30 or 60-watt JPT MOPA Fiber Lasers deliver consistent, high-quality marks on water bottles, ensuring logos, text, and designs are clear and permanent.
  • Large Marking Field: Our standard focusing lenses provide a 5-inch or 8-inch square marking field, offering ample space for intricate designs and detailed information on the water bottles.
  • DCA Rotary Tiling: DCA is designed for high-speed circumferential marking in applications that require marks around a cylindrical-shaped item.  Prolase DCA Laser Marking Software is required for DCA Rotary Tiling.
  • Flexible Adjustment: The Z axis features 21 inches of travel for focus adjustment, allowing for easy adaptation to different bottle sizes and shapes. This adjustment can be manual or motorized, based on your preference.
  • User-Friendly Design: The fully enclosed workstation includes a large, interlocked front door and swing-open side doors, making setting up and accommodating water bottles of various dimensions simple.
  • Versatility: The system can optionally be configured with Jimani’s proprietary reversible beam expander, enhancing its adaptability to different marking requirements.

Why Choose Jimani for Water Bottle Marking?

Our Fiber Laser Marking System is designed to meet high-volume production demands while maintaining exceptional marking quality.

Whether you're marking logos, serial numbers, or custom designs, our system ensures precision and permanence, making it an ideal choice for water bottle manufacturers.

Upgrade your marking process with Jimani’s Fiber Laser Marking System and experience unparalleled efficiency and quality in every mark.

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