Jimani strives to build lasers with only the best internal components. The results show up in lasers that require no maintenance and run reliably. Our goal is that you will never have to spend another dime on laser system service once you commission a Langolier. All components we integrate are user replaceable in the unlikely case that one of the components fails. We do not want you to be reliant on outside laser service to keep your systems operational.

IPG Fiber Laser Source

The system configuration is based around an IPG YLP - 1/100/20/20 Rev. HC Q-Switched Pulsed Fiber Laser.  IPG Fiber Lasers have become the industry standard for fiber laser marking applications.  The laser produces 18 to 20 watts of Q-switched, TEM00 output power.  The Q-switch pulse frequency is variable from  20-80 KHz.  A red laser diode alignment laser is integrated into the system to facilitate mark location and part alignment. 

Prolase 10 Laser Marking Software

The operator interface is through Prolase 10 laser marking software from American Laserware. American Laserware’s only business is Laser Marking Software and Prolase is the most complete, versatile laser marking software package available. Prolase 10 will accept most vector and raster graphic format files, mark text and serial numbers using True Type fonts and is capable of  marking  most  machine readable fonts including 2D data matrix in compliance with all DoD UID and ISO standards.  Prolase 10 will run in either a Windows XP or a Windows 10 environment. Upgrades to all Prolase products are always available at no charge from the American Laserware website.

Click hear to see Prolase tutorial.

Scanlab High Speed Scanheads

The standard scanhead in the Langolier is a Scanlab hurrySCAN scanner with a 14mm aperture. Focusing lenses are available with marking field sizes ranging from 4.5 inches square up to 12 inches square.

Scanlab RTC-5 Interface and I/O Boards

A ScanLab RTC-5 interface card interfaces with the scanner and the laser controller to control laser output pulses and scanner motion.  Additionally the RTC-5 card provides I/O functions which allow the operating software to communicate with and control external devices. 

Optical Head with Reversible Beam Expander

Most fiber laser system manufacturers insert the fiber laser output device into the optical scanhead which makes for a smaller and cheaper unit but this is not the optimum configuration. We build a housing that includes optical head, fiber laser output device and reversible beam expander.  The beam expander allows the Langolier to achieve a smaller focused spot which doubles the power density at the point of the work.   If the beam expander is flipped around to the reversed position, the de-magnified beam causes the size of the focused spot to increase at the point of the work. This configuration is perfect for a stain mark or oxide layer mark popularly used to mark stainless steel and titanium. Other systems require the beam to be placed out of focus in order to achieve this type of mark.

Click here to read more about the Optical Head and Beam Expander

Langolier External Axis Controller

The Jimani External Axis Controller is an accurate, high resolution servo motor controller that is designed to work seamlessly with Prolase Plus Laser Marking Software. Prolase Plus is the version of Prolase software that adds external axis control to steered beam laser marking systems. Those axes are typically X,Y,Z and rotary but any axis of motion that can be controlled by a servo motor is a candidate for the Jimani External Axis Controller and Prolase Plus software.

The Langolier External Axis Controller can be configured for up to 4 axes of motion. Controllers are priced and configured for only the axes that are used at the time of shipment but additional axes can be added should requirements change. Upgrading the Controller for additional axes is a procedure that can be performed by the end user in the field and there is no need to return a Controller to Jimani for upgrades or modifications.

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Network ready Industrial PC

The computer on this system runs in either a Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional environment (your choice) on an industrial, rack mountable computer chassis with a 3.1GHz AMD class processor, 2 GB RAM and an integrated network card. Keyboard, mouse and monitor are included. Also included with the system is a footswitch for hands free marking operation.

Thank you very much for the great customer service. Coming in Saturday just to accommodate us is unheard of this days.
Jose Magallanes
Shipping Warehouse Manager

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