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Laser Marking Aerospace Parts at Lewis Engineering

Lewis Engineering, located in Grand Junction, CO, is a contract precision machine shop and design engineering house specializing in aerospace parts.  They specialize in turbine engine components, rapid prototyping, and industrial parts for aerospace and other markets.  Their capabilities include milling, boring, turning, welding, assembly, inspection, and testing of all finished parts.

Lewis Engineering realized that they needed a permanent direct part marking technology both faster and more accurate than previous hand and semi-automated methods so they turned to Jimani for the latest in fiber laser marking technology.

laser marking aerospaceLewis Engineering manufactured aerospace components using a variety of materials including cast, machined, and anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and titanium.  Lewis Engineering machines these materials into finished components like electrical housings, air inlets, and pump housings.  Laser marking filled the critical need for part identification by permanently marking part and serial numbers on every part.

Flexibility is a critical part of the manufacturing process.  Parts can vary widely in size and configuration so the laser marking system needed to be easily configured to match the ever changing parts it marked. "The open table Langolier works nicely for us", says Paul Kitsmiller, Lewis Engineering manufacturing engineer. "Jimani’s open table design made it easy for us to create a method to precisely locate fixtures for any part we need to mark." he continues. "The Jimani Langolier open table system has been very reliable for us and the training and service we received during installation enabled us to start using it immediately. When we have a question we get answers quickly."

Jimani Langolier Fiber Laser Marking System is a turn key system and versatile permanent marking tool. The workstation's Z Axis adjustment can position the focusing lens as high as 29 inches above the part marking surface. The laser marker accommodates long focal length lenses, parts fixtures and large surface area or tall pieces.

laser mark instrument panelsThe industry standard 19" rack mount computer and Langolier Fiber Laser Controller are contained in the workstation frame making the unit completely self contained with the exception of a single 115 VAC household outlet. THe system is mounted on casters and if need be, can be moved from one area of the factory to another without being "tethered" by water or high voltage connections. 

All Langolier fiber laser marking systems are supplied with Prolase, a user friendly, proven, robust laser marking systems software package. 


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