Posted by Jim Earman ● Mon, Aug 30, 2010 @ 12:00 PM

Flexible Turnkey Laser Marking Systems for Firearms and Plastic Parts

Smith & Wesson is a firearms manufacturer located in Springfield, MA and uses laser markers to comply with ATF and other governmental regulations for item level traceability and part identification.laser marking system, laser mark plastic

Recently, they purchased a Langolier for laser marking plastic components that are used in assembly of their firearms.  Due to the success of the application, they purchased additional Langoliers to do additional laser marking and laser etching.

Dave Simard, Capital Program Manager at Smith & Wesson, states that “Smith & Wesson has purchased laser systems from Jimani Inc. for a number of different applications over the past few years. The Langolier fiber laser marking systems have proven themselves to be reliable, easy to use and easy to maintain in high production applications.laser mark firearms, laser mark plastic

These wall powered 110v stand alone systems provide mobility and flexibility that we previously thought would be impossible to achieve. This has allowed us to optimize work cell layouts on the fly to improve product flow without interrupting production.

Beyond the quality of each system and its hardware it is the dedication and personal service to provide true turnkey systems on-time which sets Jimani apart from the rest. Jim Earman's extensive hands-on laser experience gives him the ability to quickly provide custom programs and settings optimized for each application with clean and clear results.laser marking firearms resized 600

In addition, his relaxed approach to on-site training and his unique ability to teach both operators and technicians in simple down to earth terms has made each transition from R&D into production happen with ease. Jimani has continued to exceed our expectations in product quality, technical assistance and ongoing service.”

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