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Laser Engraving Systems

Engraving is one of the most popular methods of laser marking metal. While some laser marking techniques simply ablate microns of material from the metal surface to provide contrast, laser engraving removes substantially more material.

desktop-low-cost-hybrid-fiber-laser-marking-systemLaser engraving involves digging a hole or cutting a groove into metal surfaces to leave a mark rather than just ablating material from the surface. The resulting mark left by laser engraving has depth.

All metals are good candidates for Laser Engraving. Many non-metals can be laser marked but are usually not suitable for engraving with a 1064 nm fiber laser. CO2 lasers are generally a better tool for engraving into non-metals.

Jimani offers many variations of our Low Cost Hybrid Fiber Laser Marking System including 30, 60, 80 and 100-watt versions. These systems have several advantages for engraving into metal including:

  • Laser mark bar codes, 2D matrix
  • True type font support
  • Radial text, serialization
  • AI, PLT, DXF, and most vector file formats
  • Automation friendly

All Low-Cost Hybrid fiber laser marking systems are supplied with either Leopardmark or  Prolase. Both of these software packages are user-friendly, proven, robust laser marking software packages that are very easy to use for importing and manipulating text or graphic files for part information, brands, logos, and schematic files.

Contact Jimani and see what they can do for you with a basic state-of-the-art laser marking system.

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